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There’s Plenty of Fish for everyone.

Facebook is a wonderful self-serve ad platform, but there’s a new player on the block in the form of Plenty of Fish (POF) advertising at It can’t match the level of traffic available through Facebook, but it’s still possible to see $100 to $200 a day without a lot of effort. It’s especially useful for those promoting products that want to target specific age groups and interests. POF has a lot to recommend it, but seven features stand out.


POF has near real time statistics that update quickly, much more so than Facebook, which can take up to 15 minutes. Considering the large amount of money that can be lost in just 15 to 20 minutes, the update rate on POF is a real advantage.


They also have an amazing variety of targeting options. Users can target by ethnicity, religion and body type. POF offers additional options, allowing users to target by zip code, age, gender, education, profession and a whole lot more.


Users can also change their target market on the fly. Changing ad demographics on Facebook involves submitting a new ad, then going through the long, drawn out approval process. POF allows users to change any of their targeting specifications by campaign or individual features. It makes testing much quicker and easier.


Reviewers at POF are also much less strict in terms of ad copy and photos. That may change as more people begin to use their services, or if someone complains too loudly. Advertisers don’t necessarily have to include the offer they’re promoting, and they can include attributes such as location and age. They also offer dynamic insertion syntax, so users can add specs that include the age of current viewers, gender and location directly into the ad. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to Facebook’s restrictive rules. It also offers relief from reviewers who seem to change the interpretation of their own rules on a daily basis.


Plenty of Fish also offers cheaper traffic for similar demographics than Facebook. Dating is one of the most overly saturated traffic sources available there however if you are promoting a weight loss or quit smoking offer you may be pleasantly surprised at the results. It’s a must for anyone promoting Click Bank or CPA offers. POF is definitely less expensive than bidding on Facebook. For those on a limited budget or just getting into the game, it presents a cost effective means of advertising.


POF has the same ad format as Facebook, right down to the image sizes. It’s easy to transfer ads to POF that may be running on Facebook, but users can experience quite a difference in the way they perform. What works on Facebook won’t necessarily translate to FOP. Ads may have to be tweaked.


Users will also want to take advantage of the demographic targeting offered at POF. They have an excellent targeting tool that provides a demographic break down based on the interests of users.


There’s no reason why anyone making money with advertising products on Facebook can’t do the same at POF. It’s a myth that a free dating site can’t be promoted on a free dating site. It’s easy – people do it all the time and they make large amounts of money doing it. With POF, they just do it with a lot less effort and with fewer headaches. POF is an excellent alternative for those who are frustrated trying to work within the boundaries of overly strict rules that change to fit the mood of the day.